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PURISTA typescript framework

PURISTA is a typescript backend based framework, for building message based domain services. Build awesome JavaScript/typescript applications with low overhead.

Build robust and complex applications with low overhead on a solid base.

This framework adapts and combines a wide range of different patters from domain driven design, cqrs, microservice, event sourcing and lambda functions.

It is built from ground up in typescript and highly focuses on schema, and auto generation of types, input-output-validation, openApi documentation (swagger).

Why to use PURISTA

PURISTA tries to avoid the need for implementing boilerplate code as much as possible and to automate and autogenerate types, definitions, documentation when ever possible.

Schema and input-output-validation are deeply integrated, and they should be used whenever possible to build robust, stable systems.

PURISTA addresses developers which want to simply focus on implementation, while providing them the necessary things to use the great node/typescript tooling.


  • one code base to be deployed as single instance, microservices or cloud functions!
  • typescript based and with typescript in mind
  • mostly async-await (no call-back hell)
  • easy versioning of services & API
  • modular & extendable
  • runs and scales from small single instance up to cloud clusters
  • flexible to trace, audit and monitor
  • easy to test with ready to go mocks & stubs
  • clean error handling
  • low learning curve

Typescript framework

PURISTA itself is built from the ground up in typescript and focuses on typescript code bases. This allows the usage of proper types across the whole code base.