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Enumeration: EBMessageType

PURISTA API / Modules / @purista/core / EBMessageType

Enumeration: EBMessageType


Type of event bridge message

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Enumeration Members

Enumeration Members


Command = "command"

Command message type: Message which is sent from a single sender to exactly one single receiver. The sender expects a answer response from receiver within a specific time frame (ttl). If the sender does not receive a answer within this time frame, the command will be rejected with timeout error.

Defined in

core/types/EBMessageType.enum.ts:11open in new window


CommandErrorResponse = "commandErrorResponse"

a error response from receiver of a command message

Defined in

core/types/EBMessageType.enum.ts:17open in new window


CommandSuccessResponse = "commandSuccessResponse"

a success response from receiver of a command message

Defined in

core/types/EBMessageType.enum.ts:14open in new window


CustomMessage = "customMessage"

a custom message / custom event

Defined in

core/types/EBMessageType.enum.ts:42open in new window


InfoInvokeTimeout = "infoInvokeTimeout"

a service invoked a other function and did not get a answer within given ttl

Defined in

core/types/EBMessageType.enum.ts:38open in new window


InfoServiceDrain = "infoServiceDrain"

indicates that a service is going to shut down and does no longer accept new requests

Defined in

core/types/EBMessageType.enum.ts:34open in new window


InfoServiceFunctionAdded = "infoServiceFunctionAdded"

send when a service provides a new function

Defined in

core/types/EBMessageType.enum.ts:32open in new window


InfoServiceInit = "infoServiceInit"

indicates that a service is booting

Defined in

core/types/EBMessageType.enum.ts:26open in new window


InfoServiceNotReady = "infoServiceNotReady"

indicates that a service is not able to process requests (e.g. db not available)

Defined in

core/types/EBMessageType.enum.ts:30open in new window


InfoServiceReady = "infoServiceReady"

indicates that a service is ready

Defined in

core/types/EBMessageType.enum.ts:28open in new window


InfoServiceShutdown = "infoServiceShutdown"

last event from service before service is destroyed

Defined in

core/types/EBMessageType.enum.ts:36open in new window


InfoSubscriptionError = "infoSubscriptionError"

a subscription function is throwing

Defined in

core/types/EBMessageType.enum.ts:40open in new window

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