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Version 1.10

Version 1.10


The website is now based on Vitepress and the handbook and help content will be migrated, extended and updated in the next time.


The CLI has ben upgraded to support ESM modules.
Because of this, vitest will be installed per default as test framework, if module resultion is set to esm.

New Packages


In version 1.10.0 following stores are now available:

Hono based HTTP server

We now introduce the new Hono based HTTP server service.

This allows us to support more runtimes even better.

Check out: HTTP Server


Invoking commands

Invoking commands has been refactored. While the old style should work as before, it has been deprecated.

Please see: Invoke other Command


PURISTA now supports a whole bunch of different schema libraries - Thank's to Typeschem. It is highly recommended to use Zod, as it is the officially supported schema lib. But in some cases you might already have schemas, which can now directly be used.